Washington Center

Executive Director

Helen Shapiro began her term as Executive Director in the summer of 2013. She is responsible for the management and operation of the UC Washington Center (an 11-story facility in downtown DC), oversees UCDC’s systemwide academic program, collaborates with campuses on academic curriculum and faculty hiring, engages in fundraising for the Center, interacts with agencies and the local community to sustain and further UCDC programs, and—in collaboration with UC Federal Governmental Relations—promotes public activities in the Center and UC goals more generally.

Prior to her appointment at UCDC, Dr. Shapiro served seven years as Provost of Colleges Nine and Ten at UC Santa Cruz and as Associate Professor at UC Santa Cruz from 1997-2006 teaching primarily undergraduate courses in Latin American and Latino studies, economics, and her home department of sociology. She also taught in the Harvard Business School from 1988-1996.

Dr. Shapiro has her PhD in Economics from Yale University. Her research interest involves economic policy and international relations, and she has published extensively in the area of economic development in Latin America.