Washington Center

Residential Life Resources

Director and Associate Director of Student Services

The Director and Associate Director of Student Services are a full-time, live-in professional staff members with extensive experience working with students in residential settings. They are responsible for the coordination of the residential community as a unit and for ensuring adherence to the Residential Life Mission and Goals.

Coordinators of Student Development (CSD)

Coordinators are full-time, live-in professional staff members who serve as your primary point of contact for any issues or concerns that you may have while staying in the Center. One of their primary roles is to create and maintain a community which promotes academic, personal, and social growth.

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Emergency Cell Phone (202) 415-9275

The emergency cell phone is operational 24-hours a day for emergency purposes only. If you have any issue that needs immediate attention from a UCDC ResLife staff member, you should not hesitate to call this number. This number may not serve as a message service for family, friends, or internship associates.

Please be thoughtful and do not use the emergency cell phone number for routine inquiries that can be made during normal business hours.

Call (202) 974-6214 for routine inquiries.

Security Desk

The security desk is located on the first floor and is staffed at all times. If you have an emergency, and cannot reach the CSD on duty at (202) 415-9275, please contact the Security Desk at (202) 974-6233. You can also dial the Police at 9-1-1.