Washington Center

Guest Housing

Limited Guest Housing is available at the UC Washington Center for UC faculty, staff, alumni, and other designated guests of UCDC.  Whether you are staying for one night or several months, we can work with you to plan your stay at UCDC.  Our guest apartments, located on the 11th floor of the Center, provide privacy and convenience for visiting scholars, conference attendees, or others doing business in the DC area.

Our Apartments

UCDC Amenities

  • Free Wi-Fi in all apartments.  For more information click HERE.

  • 24/7 Security at main entrance

  • Fitness Room on 4th Floor

  • Laundry Room Located on the 11th Floor

  • Avenue C Mini-Mart on 4th Floor

  • ATM & Stamp Machine in Main Lobby

  • USPS Mail Drop-Off in  Main Lobby

Checking In/Out

Arriving Guests simply check-in at the security desk.  You will be issued an apartment key, access fob and visitor ID. We are a secure facility and ask that you show your visitor ID each time you enter the building.  Your access fob activates the locks on the front main doors, the doors in the north stairwell, and the elevator cars. You will need your access fob at all times when moving about the building.  If you leave your room without it please ask the security guard on duty to assist you with returning to the 11th floor.

Reservations and Rates

For reservations starting/after June 10, 2017, please complete THIS FORM. Email the appropriate form to guesthousing@ucdc.edu and you wil receive a response regarding availability. Apartment availability is limited and as an academic facility, availability is subject to change based on each academic term and our priorities to teaching faculty.  Once we have received your request we will contact you with availability options and confirmation if applicable.

Please contact guesthousing@ucdc.edu for nearby preferred hotel alternatives.