Washington Center

Printing & Copying

  1. CREATE your account at wepanow.com. Choose the Register/Create an Account option.
  2. UPLOAD your documents to the Wēpa print cloud.
  3. LOGIN at the Wēpa print station in the 3rd floor computer lab with the Wēpa username and password that you have created.
  4. PRINT your documents.


Tag any card with a magnetic stripe to your Wēpa account. Login at the Wēpa print station in the 3rd floor computer lab and select "Manage Tag" from the dropdown menu.

Use one of the personal computers in the 3rd floor computer lab or perform a one-time download to your personal computer. Open your document, choose "file>print" and select your preferred Wēpa printer.
Download the "Wēpa print" app and follow the instructions

Login at wēpanow.com/webupload, select your documents and "send to Wēpa"
Access your Google Drive, Office 365, Box, Dropbox or OneDrive account at any Wēpa station to print your files
Insert your USB drive at any Wēpa print station

Costs for Printing

B&W (one-side) 7¢ • B&W (two-sides)14¢ • Color (one-side) 25¢ • Color (two-sides) 50¢

Spring '18 Semester Student Printing & Copying

The UC Washington Center provides printing services to students enrolled in the UCDC academic program. Spring '18 Semester students may opt to use UCDC's pay-for-print system or try the new Wepa print station.

The UCDC pay-for-print system is available in the Student Computer Lab on the 3rd floor. Your UCDC Student ID is your pay-for-print card. On the back is a unique identifier and bar code that identifies your pay-for-print account. Spring '18 Semester students wishing to use the UCDC pay-for-print system must first add money to their Pay-for-Print account. Once this has been done, students can print from the 3rd Floor Computer Lab. Stapling, double-sided printing and copying options are available.

The cost for printing is 7¢ per page.


Adding Money to a Pay-for-Print Account

The VIRTUAL CASH ACCEPTOR is located on the 1st Lobby in front of the Security Desk.


Scan the Barcode on the back of your UCDC ID card.

  Insert $1 or $5 bills only (You will not receive change from bills inserted).

Transaction complete!

Printing from the Computer Lab

To print from a workstation in the Student Computer Lab, please follow the instructions below.

  1. Click on File or if printing from Microsoft Word click on the File Button
  2. Select Print
  3. Select 3rd floor Printer

  4. Click OK to print
  5. A pop-up window will come up. Enter your username@ucdc.edu and password

  6. Go to the Print Release computer station next to printer to scan your student ID Card
  7. Scan the barcode on the back of your Student ID Card with the card scanner

Card Scanner

Stapling and Double-Sided Printing

You may print double-sided or staple pages with the printer in the 3rd floor Student Computer Lab. Here's how.

  1. After selecting a printer, click on the Properties (PC) or Preference (Mac) button.
  2. To print double-sided: select the Finishing tab and check Print on both sides

  3. Click OK twice
  4. To staple pages: select the Output tab and select One Staple Angled from the pull-down menu

  5. Click OK twice

Copying in the Computer Lab

  1. Press Start (green button) or select Copy on the touchscreen

  2. Use the Keypad to enter the ID number on the back of you UCDC ID

  3. Select Paper Size (There is only one size paper available)
  4. Select the number of Copies
  5. Press Start to begin copying
  6. When done, press Home

Faculty & Staff Copying & Printing

Faculty and staff with UCDC network accounts may use UCDC's network printers or copiers. Network printers and copiers are available on the 2nd and 3rd floors. The copiers require that you enter a departmental access code on the keypad before use. Your program or unit will be billed for each page that you print or copy. It costs 7¢ per page for B/W prints and copies. You may contact Mary Byrne at mary.byrne@ucdc.edu or 202-974-6205 for a departmental copy code.