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UC Alumni Advisory Board


The University of California Alumni Advisory Board (UCAAB) is a representative body of UC alumni leaders in the Washington, DC area. The Board meets bimonthly to plan all-UC alumni events and programs as well as discuss opportunities to engage with the UCDC Program and its students.

2017 UC Alumni Advisory Board

UC Berkeley

Kathy Molina

Valeria Sandoval

Jemelyn Tayco

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UC Davis

Dennis Gonzalez

Delaney McCune

Carly Sandstrom (UCAAB Co-Chair)

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UC Irvine

Christina Bui

Vanessa Vaughan (UCAAB Co-Chair)


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UC Merced



Mat Swatek

Stephanie Williamson


UC Riverside

Mina Kato

Pedro Montenegro


UC San Diego

Denise Braemer

Scott Estrada

Andrew-Brian Nguyen

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UC Santa Barbara


UC Santa Cruz

Jessica Loya

Shoshana Risman

George Zhong


UC alumni who are interested in getting involved with UCDC should contact:

UC Washington Program (UCDC)

Kolby Keo, UCDC Alumni Affairs

Email | Website | Facebook | Twitter